Life Cykel Bee Pollination Grow Kit

Life Cykel Bee Pollination Grow Kit

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Each kit includes: 2 varieties of seeds - borage and alyssum Coffee Compost Mix Ready to grow recycled coffee cups

This kit has been put together at the Byron Bay Herb Nursery. Both the Byron Bay Herb Nursery and Life Cykel are based in Byron Bay and have teamed up to promote, educate and improve the health of bees. Colony Collapse Disorder is impacting bees globally – so it's time to save our bees!

The Life Cykel Bee Pollination Grow Kit includes Life Cykel's sustainable, eco-friendly, coffee compost mix, ready-to-grow recycled coffee cups and 2 varieties of seeds so you can grow food for the bees. The seeds have been thoughtfully selected by the team at the Byron Bay Herb Nursery to ensure they will feed Australia's two main bee colonies in need of food – Borage seed, for the nectar-rich flower it produces that European Bees love, and Alyssum seed, for the large array of small flowers it produces that are a favourite of native bees.


Fill all the compostable cups to the top with coffee compost and add 1/3 cup water to each Place the contents of each seed packet in separate bowls. Using a pinching method distribute the small seed (Alyssum) evenly over the surface of the soil of 4 of the cup.s With your index finger make 2 x 0.5cm holes in the soil of each of the remaining 4 cups. Place a large seed (Borage) in each hole then cover the seeds of all 8 cups with a thin layer of the remaining coffee compost. Place cups on your windowsill inside or outside where there is no direct sunlight. Lightly water and continue watering every 3 days until seeds have germinated. At this stage move to a position with 2-4 hours of direct sunlight. Then begin watering daily. Keep soil moist but not too wet. After 5-7 weeks check your plants to see if they are ready. Carefully tip the cup upside down emptying the soil plug into the palm of your hand. Check to see if the roots are growing evenly throughout and to the very bottom. If so they are ready to be planed in a sunny position in the garden. Keep within the compostable cups, puncturing a few holes in the bottom to evenly to promote further root growth into the soi. Water daily and enjoy watching the bees forage on the flowers you have grown. Be sure to capture the magic moments with your new friends.


Recycled coffee grounds, seeds

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