Fusion Glucosamine Advanced Repair 100c

Fusion Glucosamine Advanced Repair 100c

Fusion Glucosamine Advanced Repair 100c

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With environmentally friendly shellfish-free GlucosaGreen® glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM combined with eucommia, used traditionally to relieve symptoms of mild osteoarthritis and to strengthen bones.

Healthy joints are made up of connective tissue including cartilage, which has shock-absorbing characteristics that enable the joints to carry the weight of the body. The cartilage also helps the joints to move smoothly, so that we can perform actions such as walking.

One in five Australians over the age of 45 have osteoarthritis, a progressive condition that can affect several different joints including the hips, knees, ankles, hands and spine.1 Symptoms of mild osteoarthritis include joint swelling, stiffness and pain.

Glucosamine sulfate reduces symptoms of mild osteoarthritis, improves joint mobility and relieves mild joint pain. It also enhances joint and cartilage health via the production of compounds called glycosaminoglycans, which form integral parts of normal healthy joints and joint cartilage.

Based on use in TCM, the herb eucommia has tonic effects on the Liver and Kidneys, providing relief from mild osteoarthritis symptoms, enhancing bone strength, promoting the health of connective tissue and relieving mild aches and pains.

Eucommia also relieves mild rheumatic aches and pains; such as lower back pain, pain in the knees, bones and connective tissue including ligaments and tendons.

In TCM, stretching and bending are thought to be easiest when the Liver and Kidney energy (Qi) is healthy because the Liver is traditionally considered responsible for strong ligaments and tendons, and the Kidneys are traditionally regarded as governing strong bones.

Glucosamine Advanced Repair also contains acanthopanax, which is often used alongside eucommia in TCM, where the two herbs are historically believed to reinforce each other.

Manganese is an important mineral for joint cartilage health as it helps to maintain the health of the connective tissue and the formation of collagen found in the joints. Manganese is also required for the healthy mineralisation of the bones.

Vitamin C plays various roles in aiding connective tissue production, including the formation of collagen.

Silica (also known as silicon) supports bone health through maintaining bone mineral density and mineralisation. It also plays a role in supporting connective tissue health including normal collagen formation.

Glucosamine Advanced Repair contains GlucosaGreen®; a form of glucosamine derived from glucose (from non-genetically modified corn) rather than from shellfish. GlucosaGreen® is a more environmentally friendly form of shellfish-derived glucosamine because it generates less waste in its production than shellfish-derived glucosamine.

Recommended dosage:
Adults: Take 2-4 capsules daily with food, or as professionally advised.


Each capsule contains:

Glucosamine sulfate sodium chloride - GlucosaGreen® 471.05mg
equiv. glucosamine sulfate 375mg
Bovine sodium chondroitin sulfate 114.06mg
equiv. bovine chondroitin sulfate 105mg
Dimethyl sulfone (MSM) 125mg
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 40mg
Silicon (as colloidal anhydrous silica) 5.6mg
Manganese (as manganese amino acid chelate) 1.5mg
Plus dry extracts:  
Eucommia (Eucommia ulmoides ) stem bark 100mg, equiv. to dry 1.5g
Acanthopanax (Eleutherococcus nodiflorus) root bark 35mg, equiv. to dry 350mg


No added artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives, yeast, gluten, wheat, nuts or dairy products.

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